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V-net provides a comprehensive online, eCommerce framework, that allows an institution to seamlessly integrate V-suite’s selection of financial services into any web-based platform, site or application. Beyond offering mature and feature rich service integration, the V-net module also offers a pre-built internet banking portal, an insurance vending and management platform and a secure and robust online acquiring gateway.

Internet Banking

Traditional host systems limit the options with regards to Internet Banking platforms. V-Net ensures that your customer’s web banking experience is simple, convenient and fast. Responsive and adaptive designs ensure that the customer journey is seamless regardless of the device type, from laptops to tablets to Smart- Phones. V-Net Internet Banking is ideal for corporates and individuals alike, offering various forms of authorization rules and account linking facilities.


V-nets Insurance module offers policy creation and management, quotation issuance, premium calculation and many more industry specific automated functions. The Insurance platform offers a high level of self service to insurance brokers and clients.

Online Acquiring Gateway

In order to fulfil and complete eCommerce transactions, the V-net module provides a fully-fledged online acquiring gateway which offers easily deployable acquiring services for VISA and Mastercard as well as local cards hosted on national infrastructure. Enabling any integrated site or service to acquire transactions.

Website Development

Devshack also offers comprehensive .NET development services and support for clients who want to leverage all of V-nets functionality and establish an eCommerce presence on the internet.

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