Core Modules

The following three modules underpin the overall system and are required components

V-gateway logo

V-Gateway integrates directly with your Switch or Host. Managing the communication between all other modules of the V-Suite and interfacing with your existing infrastructure.

V-portal logo

V-Portal provides administration, management and maintenance interfaces for the various V-Suite modules. V-Portal also provides user and permission management.

V-data logo

V-Data is comprised of several data gathering, warehousing and reporting systems, used to generate reports, and management information for all connected V-Suite modules.

Delivery and Service Modules

V-mobile logo

V-Mobile provides advanced mobile integration to V-Suite module services, as well as hosted services on connected financial systems.

V-net logo

V-net provides a framework, that allows seamlessly integrating V-suiteā€™s selection of financial services into any web-based platform.


V-Vendor enables true VAS delivery over multiple channels, offering a diverse menu of bill payment, voucher or token vending options.

V-fuel logo

V-Fuel is an end to end fuel and loyalty card platform that integrates seamlessly with your institutions existing infrastructure.

V-message logo

V-Message is a comprehensive and powerful SMS and email notification system with built in contact management.

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