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for the financial technology sector within Sub-Saharan Africa

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Banking is changing. Technology is not changing fast enough. The V-Suite will bring your institution back to the front of the race.

Financial Institutions as we know them have been around for a while. Over 600 years. Some banks opened in the 15th Century are still operating now! Financial Services in the 21st Century have come a long way, but never before have we seen an environment like Africa today.

Bank systems, traditionally designed for the First World over the last few decades, are not designed with The Continent in mind.

Through the last decade we have developed technology that has evolved and adapted to Africa’s ever changing financial infrastructural needs resulting in the emergence of our flag-ship offering, the V-Suite.

One mobile phone per person world-wide has given birth to a new wave of financial services in the form of Mobile Wallets, drastically pulling individuals away from traditional banking models. And yet still almost 80% of Africa’s population does not have access to formal financial services. Nearly two billion people globally. Simple, Scalable, Secure. DevShack provides end to end services through our flagship product “V-Suite” and out comprehensive range of business experience and resources within the sector.

V-suite developed by DevShack International is dynamic and adaptable technology
V-suite low cost technology
V-suite is the shortest time to market

Different customers have different needs that are changing constantly. Traditional banking platforms lack the essential flexibility required to satisfy the dynamic African marketplace. The modular architecture of V-Suite allows your institution to adapt as quickly and cost effectively as the environment demands.

Making changes to bank systems is never simple. The V-Suite minimizes this requirement by integrating through a single interface to your existing Switch or Host system.

Based on the Enterprise Service Bus concept, the products can be installed individually or as Software as a Service (SaaS). We offer a comprehensive range of hosting options and standalone deployment models.

Core Modules

The following three modules underpin the overall system and are required components

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V-Gateway integrates directly with your Switch or Host. Managing the communication between all other modules of the V-Suite and interfacing with your existing infrastructure.

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V-Portal provides administration, management and maintenance interfaces for the various V-Suite modules. V-Portal also provides user and permission management.

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V-Data is comprised of several data gathering, warehousing and reporting systems, used to generate reports, and management information for all connected V-Suite modules.

Delivery and Service Modules

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V-Mobile provides advanced mobile integration to V-Suite module services, as well as hosted services on connected financial systems.

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V-net provides a framework, that allows seamlessly integrating V-suite’s selection of financial services into any web-based platform.


V-Vendor enables true VAS delivery over multiple channels, offering a diverse menu of bill payment, voucher or token vending options.

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V-Fuel is an end to end fuel and loyalty card platform that integrates seamlessly with your institutions existing infrastructure.

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V-Message is a comprehensive and powerful SMS and email notification system with built in contact management.

A Selection of Our Clients

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DevShack International has offices in USA, Zimbabwe, UK, Mauritius and RSA